Danielle Peazer


Posted on February 18 2015

We're delighted to have the gorgeously talented Danielle Peazer as this week's Wednesday Woman! A fantastic role model for young women, Danielle manages a busy work life as a professional dancer, model, blogger, fashion and beauty expert, and charity Ambassador. Here's her story:

Bardega: Danielle, can you tell us a little about your background?
Peazer: I've always loved dancing and music since I was so young. I started dance classes because my older sister went and I wanted to try it out too. I instantly loved it and knew that it would be a hobby that I was going to stick with!

Bardega: You moved from ballet to commercial dance due to an injury. How did it feel to be told you were unable to pursue ballet and what advice would you give other young girls facing adversity?

Peazer: To be told that you may not be able to fulfil your original dream can be either heartbreaking or the best thing to happen to you, and I'm lucky that it was the latter. It was only once I got more into commercial dancing that I realised I actually enjoyed it so much more than I had ever enjoyed ballet. I think that let downs and a type of rejection in life is so important to help you grow and become more focused and determined on what you want to achieve. Most of the successful people I know have faced rejection at some point.

Bardega: Indeed. You've since worked with some of the worlds greatest artists - what jobs were your favourite and why?
Peazer: Dancing for Justin Timberlake was a massive highlight because I've always been such a fan of his and NSYNC back in the day! Dancing for Kylie was also great and then performing for the Queen or other Royalty is such a privilege that I'm always grateful for.

Bardega: You're not just a dancer by profession. Can you tell us a little about the other work you do?
Peazer: I started Idle Lane in 2013 as I was always getting asked about what brands I was wearing and where others could buy the same outfits and it's just taken off since then! I've expanded it to include beauty too; I'm quite a girly girl so testing new make up and other products is so much fun for me. Also, because of all this, I've been asked to be ambassadors for charities like Teens Unite and The Cybersmile Foundation which are both causes really close to me and so if I can help spread the word about these charities and help raise money then I'm happy.

Bardega: As a successful blogger, dancer, model, you've built a great community of followers - what advice would you give other young women wishing to pursue a similar path?
Peazer: I think it's so important to aspire to do something in life. A lot of people want to be "famous" nowadays without wanting to actually work at something. If you love dancing, stick at it - I had a lot of people tell me that it's not a real job and so it's been great to prove them wrong. But I do what I love for me and not for anyone else, I think that's what keeps me happy in life.

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